De Pictura

De Pictura (formerly known as Fresco) is a mind-bending first person exploration / puzzle game, featuring a unique gameplay mechanic. Find your way out by creating a path in the world, via manipulating paintings and placing them on strategic locations.

The Game

You start in a colorless world in which life has vanished. You find paintings which you can interact with and move. By looking at them, you will notice that they look a lot like your environment. The idea is to use them to your advantage to progress through the world.

The game is about exploration, awareness, and analysis of your surroundings. You will have to understand how to use the paintings by finding what they represent, where they have been painted from, and how you could transpose them to the world.


GeroGames is a small indie game studio, founded by Yannick Gerometta, a game programmer & designer from France. Yannick has always loved creating video games from the initial idea to the final product. After working at Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Montreal on many AAA titles, and writing a C++ programming book, he decided to develop on his own. Over the past few years, he has created and published successful mobile games, such as A Bird’s Journey.

In early 2016, Yannick started to work on a new game project mixing art and exploration. The starting idea was about re-photography, the act of “repeat photography” of the same site, with a time lag between the two images. He made a prototype with this initial idea in mind, but it quickly deviated to the current core mechanic. Other gameplay ideas naturally arose during early level prototyping, like for example, the ability to flip paintings.

In November 2016, a prototype version of the game (under the name Fresco) was exhibited during IndieCade Europe in Paris.

In early 2017, De Pictura/Fresco was showcased at several well-known game festivals around the world, such as Ludicious Zurich and Casual Connect Berlin. The game won the Amazon Choice Award during White Nights Prague 2017.

In February 2017, De Pictura/Fresco was selected by a panel of judges including Michel Ancel, and won the Game Creation Contest investment prize during the MAGIC Monaco Festival 2017.



Awards & Recognition