De Pictura

De Pictura is a first person exploration/puzzle game, designed for traditional gaming platforms and Virtual Reality.

Explore the creative mind of a painter and enter a surreal world of cryptic paintings with unique attributes. Learn to use the artworks to reshape your surroundings. Solve these mind-bending puzzles by moving, rotating, capturing and merging fragments of the environment. Dive into the paintings to explore beyond their frames and unveil new paths forward to find the artist’s masterpiece.

The Game

The game is about art, exploration, and analysis of your surroundings.

You start in a colorless and deserted world and you find paintings looking a lot like your environment. Use them to your advantage by finding what they represent and where they have been painted from. Place them at strategic locations to transpose the painted elements and discover new paths.

Environments are getting more and more surrealistic and fantastic: you feel in a dreamlike scenery. You understand that you are actually exploring the mind of a painter gradually falling into madness. The further you progress, the more the artist experiments with new technologies: complex forms of art such as videotapes or anamorphosis (frescoes painted on walls) are introduced and can be exploited.

Rooms after rooms, worlds and worlds, you intuitively integrate the rules and understand how everything works. As you progress, your learnings allow you to solve increasingly complex puzzles.


GeroGames is a small indie game studio, founded by Yannick Gerometta, a game programmer & designer from France. After having worked at Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Montreal on many AAA titles, and written a C++ programming bookhe designed, created and published successful mobile games, such as A Bird’s Journey.

In early 2016, Yannick started to work on a new game project mixing art and exploration.

In November 2016, a prototype version of the game (under the name Fresco) was exhibited during IndieCade Europe in Paris.

In early 2017, De Pictura was showcased at several well-known game festivals around the world, such as Ludicious Zurich and Casual Connect Berlin. The game won the Amazon Choice Award during White Nights Prague and the Game Creation Contest at Magic Monaco.

In November 2017, De Pictura was showcased at IndieCade Europe in Paris, and was nominated for the Most Original Game Development Award during Game Connection Europe, and the Most Creative Game at the Creative Gaming Festival in Hamburg.


De Pictura is designed to be played with high-end VR headsets (such as the Oculus Rift) and fully support motion controllers (such as the Oculus Touch controllers). Check out this gameplay video showcasing De Pictura's immersive VR experience.


Awards & Recognition